Why Are Fitovers a Good Fit for Your Glasses?

Jan 18, 2018

There are more and more options for how you can fit sunglasses into your routine. Some prescriptions come in transition lenses that react to brightness from visible light and so can change their level of tint.

Other times, your prescription might be available in sunglasses so you can change pairs depending on your environment. Fitover sunglasses, which you can wear over your prescription lenses, are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Here’s why:

They protect your prescription lenses.

No matter how well sealed, coated, and framed your lenses are, they are always susceptible to some sort of damage, especially if you’re being active outside. Fitover glasses physically protect your primary pair of glasses from sand, dirt, and rocky impact.

They offer wrap-around 100% UV protection.

More and more prescription glasses have some degree of UV protection, but you need 100% protection from UVA and UVB radiation to keep your eyes safe from degradation and damage. Not only are the front-facing lenses of these sunglasses keeping your eyes safe from harmful radiation, they have a wider radius and side lenses to offer more complete coverage when you look up or to the side.

Fitover glasses have more protective features for outdoor usage.

UV radiation isn’t the only thing impacting your vision outside, even if it is the most dangerous. These sunglasses are polarized and mirrored to stop glare and overly bright light, and they can be tinted for extra contrast, less eye strain, and better color resolution than other sunglasses.

If you want to find a versatile pair of sunglasses that protect both your eyes and your primary glasses while you’re outside, go to VS Eyewear to get started.

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