What Is the Most Important Element of Sunglasses?

Jan 8, 2018

Sunglasses protect our eyes from sunlight, but how precisely they do that can get lost in a sea of advertising and buzzwords. Instead of judging the effectiveness of your next pair of fishing glasses based on the lens tint or polarity, look for the hard numbers on how much UV protection they offer.

100% UV protection blocks UVA and UVB radiation.

The harmful part of sunlight is the part we can’t see: invisible ultraviolet light can degrade our eyes, even if the visible spectrum of light isn’t glaringly bright. Look for sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection for every activity.

Polarized and anti-glare are not enough.

A lot of the features reliable brands add to their sunglasses are to enhance your vision through the lenses. Polarity, anti-glare, and color tinting can help you see more clearly and provide better contrast to turbulent environments where you need to see in detail, like in the middle of a fishing tournament or just on a windy day. But these features should be in addition to UV protection, not instead of.

You can get 100% UV protection that doesn’t dim your vision.

The same rules apply for sunglasses as with sunscreen: just because it’s not a bright, sunny day doesn’t mean the sun’s rays aren’t hitting you. Even stormy days have UVA and UVB radiation that bounces off the light or your boat into your eyes. Look for glasses that preserve your eyes without impeding the visible light.

You shouldn’t have to hunt for good sunglasses that maintain and enhance natural light while blocking the harmful ranges of UV radiation. Go to VS Eyewear to find the right pair of Costa fishing sunglasses for your next trip.

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