JP Fitovers™ Summer 2014 To Do List!

Jul 31, 2014

Summer is finally here!  To provide a great summer filled with fun, here are over 100 summer activities to try this year! Here at Jonathan Paul Eyewear™ we believe that having a beautiful and enjoyable summer is the key to a great year but thesun can be very intense and therefore can seriously damage your eyes – check out our blog post for 5 ways to protect your eyes this summer!

  1. Spend a day at the zoo
  2. Have a water balloon fight
  3. Go cosmic bowling
  4. Go swimming
  5. Have a reading day when its not sunny out
  6. Go on a walk/hike/jog somewhere you’ve never been before (or your favorite spot)
  7. Stargaze in the nice summer night weather
  8. Go to a dollar movie
  9. Visit with family or friends you haven’t seen in a while
  10. Have breakfast for dinner (Or dessert for dinner!)
  11. Ride bicycles
  12. Eat an ice cream shop you haven’t been to before
  13. Host a game night
  14. Go camping
  15. Play basketball/volleyball (in or out of water!)
  16. Go to a local lake
  17. See a drive-in movie
  18. Go on a spontaneous (or well-planned) road trip
  19. Try brunch at a new place with an old friend
  20. Host a movie marathon during summer storms
  21. Have a dress-up-fancy-day/night
  22. Visit AustraliaJonathan Paul® Fitovers Eyewear™ place of origin
  23. Have a summer party – with lemonade, fresh fruits, and string lights!
  24. Put glowsticks in a pool and go night swimming
  25. Have a bonfire on the beach!
  26. Go to an outdoor concert
  27. Watch &/or listen to the ocean waves
  28. Relax in the grass or on a blanket.
  29. Catch fireflies at night
  30. Go kayaking
  31. Get a tan (also try shape-stickers for fun tanlines!)
  32. Go to an amusement park
  33. Make homemade ice cream
  34. Have a picnic
  35. Create a summer soundtrack
  36. Play in the sprinklers
  37. Watch fireworks
  38. Golf all 18 holes
  39. Make/Eat popsicles!
  40. Go to a farmers market
  41. Get fit and healthy
  42. Make new friends in unexpected places
  43. Take photos of everything!
  44. Find a new hobby
  45. Go on a day trip out of town
  46. Visit your local botanical gardens
  47. Go to a car show
  48. Visit a water park
  49. Start and finish a DIY project you’ve been wanting to do!
  50. Go to a carnival
  51. Play Frisbee
  52. Go to a parade
  53. Sit or lay poolside all day
  54. Karaoke with friends
  55. Try a new recipe (or one a day for a week)
  56. Go four-wheeling (but be careful!)
  57. Make homemade salsa
  58. Plant something new (or a whole garden!)
  59. Go swimming at night
  60. Volunteer
  61. Explore your city or surrounding ones
  62. Visit the closest beach (or the farthest one!)
  63. Go fishing on a lake, pier, or bridge (or all 3)
  64. Open a neighborhood lemonade stand
  65. Have fun with a telescope
  66. Make sidewalk chalk art
  67. Fly kites
  68. Mini golf
  69. Make sandcastles
  70. Play tennis
  71. Go to a music or art festival
  72. Carve your name in a tree
  73. Ride a ferris wheel
  74. Eat sno-cones
  75. Play flashlight tag
  76. S’MORES!
  77. Go snorkeling
  78. Send a message in a bottle
  79. Have a BBQ
  80. Find a waterfall & swim in it (if its safe)
  81. Visit a lighthouse
  82. Make/drink Rootbeer floats
  83. Build a tree house
  84. Make & use a tire swing
  85. Go to an aquarium
  86. Create a pillow fort and nap in it!
  87. Cruise with the all of the windows down
  88. Run/Jog/Walk on the beach at sunset/sunrise
  89. Ride horse on the beach
  90. Have breakfast in bed
  91. Start a silly string fight
  92. Camp on a trampoline
  93. Play disc/frisbee golf
  94. Go parasailing
  95. Visit a board walk
  96. Host a crayfish boil
  97. Ride a jetski
  98. Eat grilled corn on the cob
  99. Eat watermelon (freeze it or put it on popsicle sticks for an outdoor treat)
  100. Collect seashells on the seashore
  101. Open and drink from a coconut!
  102. Go water skiing
  103. Learn to surf (or try a new spot if you’re already a pro)
  104. Wear your Fitovers™ everyday
  105. Get a new pet
  106. Learn a new instrument
  107. Practice new yoga moves (or try it for the first time)
  108. Try to accomplish a goal each week
  109. Learn a new exercise each week
  110. Learn a language

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