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3 Reasons to Add Costa Fishing Glasses to your Tacklebox

When packing for a fishing trip, bait, tackle, rods and reels are probably all on your list.

What you may not think about bringing is a pair of Costa fishing glasses. There are plenty of reasons to keep a pair handy in your tackle box, and here are three of the top ones we thought were worth mentioning.

#1. Fishing Glasses Protect your Eyes from Glare

Fishing glasses are actually polarized sunglasses that shield your eyes from damaging UV rays. This is important as polarized light reflecting off the water’s surface can produce a glare that makes it more difficult to see. Polarized fishing glasses will provide you with constant protection whether you are cruising along in a boat or casting a line.

#2. They Help you See Through the Water

The key to catching more fish is knowing where to find them. That’s something that is often hard to do when the water is a little cloudy. Fishing glasses help clarify things, making it easier for you to spot fish. In particular, polarized lenses have a unique filter that allows you see objects clearly in shallow water. Not only is this good for catching fish, but it can also help you avoid hazards such as sharp nails or rusty tin cans.

#3. They are Lightweight and Comfortable

It’s hard to enjoy better vision when you are wearing an uncomfortable pair of glasses. Fortunately, our fishing glasses are very lightweight and comfortable, so you will hardly notice that you are wearing them. Choose a pair with glass lenses if you desire crisper vision, or select polycarbonate lenses if you want something that is ultra lightweight.

These are just a few reasons why fishing glasses should be a standard part of your angling equipment. To enjoy bigger catches while also protecting your eyesight, please contact us.

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