Why You Need Computer Glasses (Separate From Your Reading Glasses)

Sep 1, 2018

You look at an LCD screen every day for hours. Your TV has an LCD screen. Your computer has an LCD screen. Even your smartphone has an LCD screen. To enhance contrast, your LCD screen has backlight LEDs that shine light out from the back of the screen. Looking at LCD screens is not the same as looking at natural light, and many people have eye strain looking at LCD screens. This has been dubbed “computer vision syndrome”, with symptoms of dry and itchy eyes. If you suffer from “computer vision syndrome”, a pair of computer glasses can help you.
Computer glasses provide relief from “computer vision syndrome” in several ways: reduce blue light and improve readability.
Blue light has been shown to interrupt sleep cycles because sunlight is 1/3rd blue light, and your body picks up the amount of blue light as a cue to control our sleep cycle. Blue light disrupts your body from manufacturing melatonin, your body’s chemical that regulates sleep. There are also unconfirmed data that suggests that blue light can cause long-term damage to the back of your eyes.
Computer glasses have a yellow tint to block the majority of blue light from reaching your eyes.
Computer glasses such as the Sheer-Glare line are also treated with an anti-glare coating so you can view the monitor with the utmost clarity. The lenses of the Sheer-Glare line are made of polycarbonate that blocks UV rays, so they are also good for outside use.
Another way computer glasses can help is they can be ordered with a low +0.25 diopter to help you see the small text on screen better, thus reducing eye strain.
People who work with colors all day such as artists can still use computer glasses such as the Sheer Vision Clear line that provides all the same benefits without the yellow tint.
A pair of computer glasses should be a part of your healthy computing lifestyle. Contact us and let us help you pick the perfect pair for you.

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