No Glare, No Problem – Night Vision Lenses

Jul 6, 2018

Driving at night is loathed by many people, especially those with glasses. Wearing glasses creates an extra hazard due to a glare that is created from looking at lights. While this may not seem like a big deal when walking down the street, it becomes a bigger deal when driving past consistent oncoming traffic with beaming headlights.

Purchasing glasses with anti-glare protection enables those driving with glasses to drive safer due to less distractions. When driving at night, depth perception, visibility and reaction time are impaired, when comparing to daytime driving. Often times, those with glasses have to look down, or look at the white lines to the side of the road, to avoid a blinding glare when passing nearby cars. With anti-glare glasses, drivers are able to look straight ahead without being distracted by glaring lights.

Anti-glare glasses are becoming more popular as eye doctor offices are offering to add this as an upgrade to the purchase of new lenses. While buying directly from a local optometrist is available, there are many online places as well.

 VS Eyewear provides night vision glasses that are one step up from the anti-glare glasses that optometrists carry. VS Eyewear provides night vision glasses with anti-glare and color correction. By applying a color coating on glasses, it allows the surroundings to appear brighter during the night time. Enabling the driver to see brighter hues allows for further visibility and greater reaction time.

The National Safety Council reported that half of traffic deaths occur during the night. One of the reasons for high deaths is due to the difficulty of seeing well during the night, causing reaction times to be delayed. Wearing glasses that are designed for night vision and allow for a greater amount of visibility without a glare is not only easy on the eyes but helps create safer drivers.

Almost any person wearing regular glasses will understand the harsh glare when driving at night. Yet, when using night vision glasses, there are no glares and no problems.

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