Computer Glasses Boost Peripheral Vision and Reduce Need for Assumptions

Dec 29, 2016

In early December 2016, you may have seen an article about peripheral vision make its way into your social media account’s news feed. The article, which started in an online edition of Psychological Science in November, touted the results of a collaborative study. The study was undertaken earlier by researchers in Japan, The Netherlands and New York. Although not meant to highlight the need for computer glasses, it does indirectly show why some individuals may need them.
People with healthy vision generally have the ability to see anywhere from 60 to 107 degrees out from assorted points on their own faces. This is more than enough to see the average desktop and laptop computer screens, which tend to max out at 34 inches. People with peripheral vision loss, on the other hand, may not be able to accurately see that far. Notice that we said accurately.
The study looked closely at this aspect of humankind’s vision capabilities and basically found that many people compensate for losses in unique ways. For example, study participants’ brains automatically assumed what areas beyond their eyes’ reach would look like and as we all know, making assumptions can be foolhardy. In that vein, it also looked at how the eyes may be tricked by a number of computer generated illusions.
Of course wearing computer glasses would not change our natural tendency to assume what’s beyond our reach or make us immune to falling for slights of hand and carefully crafted illusions.  However, wearing a pair would ensure that everything within a computer user’s normal visual field is as clear as possible. This also goes for digital gamers and people who require greater screen magnification or glare protection than others. To find glasses that will boost peripheral vision for all computer and mobile device users, please contact VS Eyewear today.

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