Computer Glasses: For Catching Pokemon and Conquering the Business World

Sep 15, 2016

In June of this year, the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics took note of how much time Americans spend with their eyes trained on digital screens. Turns out, regardless of occupation, it’s a lot. nikeAnd let’s not forget about when we’re at play. We can’t ignore the 15+ million people who’ve already gotten caught up in the Pokemon Go craze? So what does all this time glued to various size screens do to our health?
For one, it makes us all the more susceptible to vision related, health problems. As a consequence, in the last few years several studies and new disorders have cropped up. Among them is computer vision syndrome. Thankfully, it’s often correctable with prescriptions for computer glasses and changes in behavior. Both go a long way in alleviating eye strain and vision related headaches. However, they may not aid with underlying problems, such as stigmas and glaucoma, without an eye doctor’s intervention.
kikibrnpchlgComputer glasses often feature colored or clear, magnifying lenses. The type needed is determinate on the person’s prescription, computer usage and favored locations. For example, people who use their laptops outdoors or under fluorescent lights may need special tints to combat glare more than others. Thus, it’s important to discuss viewing habits with one’s optometrist before selecting a new pair of computer glasses.
He or she is also likely to request patients to submit to a battery of tests and acuity measurements for the reason we briefly touched upon above. And no, prescriptions are not needed in order to purchase computer glasses. So people with perfect vision who just want to avoid general eye strain may pick up a pair of computer glasses without a doctor’s order. To learn more about both prescription and non-prescription glasses that are perfect for digital viewing,
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