Visionaries Polarized Clip Ons Ready for Any Event

Jul 26, 2016

Polarizing glasses provide some of the best sun and light protection for your eyes.

Polarization blocks reflective light from water, snow, windshields, other glass objects and mirrors. It prevents the brightest of light through the darkest in sunglasses.

Clip-on polarizers are easy to use without having to purchase prescription sunglasses, which you would have to continually change-out with your regular glasses.


Some benefits to clip-on polarizing glasses include:

  • Lightweight – easy to wear with your regular glasses, without adding much weight.
  • Removable – easy to attach to your glasses, or snap off and put back in their case.
  • Handy – carry them in your pocket or purse.
  • Matching – shape and color match your existing glasses and your personal taste.
  • Affordability – clip-on glasses are inexpensive, not multiplying the cost of your regular prescription.
  • Readers – convert your reading glasses into reading sunglasses without having to carry a number of different pairs.

For anyone who spends any time outdoors or driving, polarizing clip-on glasses can prove to be extremely beneficial. When behind the wheel, working in the garden, reading directions or instructions, or reading a great novel while relaxing in the chaise lounge, clip-on polarizers are handy.

Because of their affordability, you can keep a pair in the car, in your pocket or handbag, with your gardening supplies and in with your sporting equipment. Then you won’t have to waste time looking for where you left them last!

At VS Eyewear, we carry Visionaries by Shade Control, some of the best clip ons available. Proprietary Visionaries polarized lenses meet and exceed all international standards for Optics, UV, Polarizing efficiency, including US ANSI Z80.3, EN 1836 class 1, AS/NZS1067 and GB10810.

We always have a variety of rim colors and lens colors in stock, and in a variety of sizes to fit your glasses. Check out our clip-on polarizers to meet your eye care needs.


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