JUN 16

Why You Want Polarized Clip-ons for Your Glasses!

So you’ve decided you need sunglasses, but you already wear prescription glasses.  Is the only way to get sunglasses to order an entire second pair with a tint to the tune of hundreds of dollars?  Not at all.
A much less expensive option is a pair of polarized clip-ons for your existing glasses.  You know clip-ons are less expensive, and that’s a great advantage, but what are the other advantages?


  1. Ease of access — You can keep your clip-ons handy to put on your glasses at a moment’s notice, even when switching full glasses would be annoying.
  2. They always work — If you’ve tried lenses that change, you know they don’t work in a car, and they don’t change very quickly when you head indoors from a bright area.  Clip-ons are on and off in a flash, allowing you to see regardless of conditions.  This means that the more you go in and out and the more you drive, the more you want clip-ons.
  3. Polarization — Polarized lenses block horizontal light, which is responsible for glare.  This can be especially helpful near water or when driving.  To get polarized regular glasses increases your cost again, but for clip-ons, you can get this glare-reducing option for very little cost.
  4. Very little waiting time — If you order sunglasses, you have to wait until the lenses are custom fit into your frames and then have them fitted and then make sure the prescription doesn’t vary too much for you to adjust.  With clip-ons, you clip them on, and you go.


Contact us and we can explain the way clip-ons can work with your glasses for a great vision experience without the added expense of a whole second pair of glasses.

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