Find The Correct Fitover Sunglasses for Your Facial Features

Nov 4, 2014

If you are worried about the fashionable appearance of one’s sunwear or eyewear, one important factor to keep in mind is the size and shape of the eyeglasses or sunglasses on your own particular face shape.


With over 150 styles, Jonathan Paul® Fitovers Eyewear™ has the perfect fit and the perfect shape fit over sunglasses for every face shape. First, be sure to know your size for the original designer brand eyeglasses – visit our sizing page online. After you know your size, read up on what effects certain shapes and sizes can have on the overall look of your sunglasses or eyewear.

OvalFaceShape-186x300Oval                     Aurora-Purple-Haze-with-Swarovski-Elements-Polarvue-Gray-1024x374

Having an oblong face shape, its vital that you choose wide, rounded square shape sunglasses to compliment your lifestyle. You’ll shine the brightest in oversized, oval, curvy, round edges.

There are plenty of Fitovers™ for you! Have a look at these best picks but feel absolve to see the entire collection together with your guidelines at heart. Your top picks consist of: the Aurora™ collection, the Lotus™ selection, the Queeda™ and Quamby™ collections, the Yamba™ selection, and the Kiata™ selection.


OblongFaceShape-186x300Oblong                      YM001GM1-1024x502

With an oblong face shape, its important to choose wide, rounded square shape sunglasses to compliment your look. You’ll shine the brightest in oversized, oval, curvy, round edges.

There are many Fitovers™ for you! Check out these top picks but feel free to browse the entire collection with your guidelines in mind. Your top picks include: the Aurora™ collection, the Lotus™ collection, the Queeda™ and Quamby™ collections, the Yamba™ collection, and the Kiata™ collection.

RoundFaceShape-186x300Round                         Aria-Tortoiseshell-Polarvue-Roadster-1024x375

For the round face shape, a rectangular, geometrical, or cateye frame is best. You should aim to choose strong, angular shaped fit over sunglasses.

Some Fitovers™ that are perfect for round face designs include: the Choopa™ and Coolaroo™ kid’s collections, the Nowie™ collection, the rectangular Euroka™ collection, the Dahlia™ collection, the cateye Ikara™ collection, the sharp rectangular Aria™ and Mooya™ collection, the Neera™ collection, and the Orion™ collection.

DiamondFaceShape-186x300Diamond                   Jett-Olive-Charcoal-Polarvue-Yellow-1024x376

Diamond face shapes look best in some very exciting shaped sunglasses! If you fall into this category, you should look for cateye, oval, narrow, top weighty frames when sunwear buying. The frames that may look best with this face shape will undoubtedly be top weighty and rimless with solid brow lines.

Some of the Fitovers™ that may accentuate that person shape would be the Ikara™ collection, the Kiata™ collection, the Neera™ collection, the Coolaroo™ and Choopa™ kid’s collections, the Torana™ collection, the Yamba™ collection, and the Jett™ collection.

HeartFaceShape-186x300Heart                          Dahlia-Mother-Pearl-Polarvue-Gray

If you have a heart shaped face, you’re going to shop almost opposite of the diamond shapes! You should look for bottom heavy frames. Narrow sunglasses with bottom heavy, thin, and/or light colored frames are your best bet for your best look.

Some of the best Fitovers™ Sunglasses for heart shaped faces are the Euroka™ collection, the Sabre™ collection, the Dahlia™ collection, the Navigator™ and Aviator™ collections, the Orion™ collection, and the Yamba™ collection.

SquareFaceShape-186x300Square                     BN002PM1-1024x502

Lastly, those with square shaped faces, you need to shop like Audrey Hepburn and Johnny Depp. You want to look for oval or even round sunglass frames. Fit over sunglasses which are oval, round, and circular shapes in black or bold shades shall compliment that person shape the best.

The very best Fitovers™ Sunglasses for you personally are the Glides™ collection, the Aurora™ collection, the Binya™ collection, the Kiata™ collection, and the Lotus™ collection.

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