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How to Properly Measure for Visionaries Spring Polarized Clip on Sunglasses

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VISIONARIES polarized clip on sunglasses is our superior brand of luxury polarized clip on sunglasses.  We offer over 18 frame shapes, 11 polarized lens colors, night driving yellow lens and over 65 overall frame sizes.

Select size for polarized clip on sunglasses

Download the Size Guide (PDF) for the appropriate Visionaries Clip on glasses

IMPORTANT: Print the Size Guide before ordering to ensure correct fit. You must select Actual size to ensure the guide prints at 100%.

Using the Size Guides to measure for polarized clip on sunglasses

The only way to select the correct size is to PRINT the relevant size guides at 100% and then put your glasses down over the outlines to see which size clip-on frame fits.

Just viewing the size guide on the screen will NOT produce an accurate result.

To print the selected size guide correctly at 100%, you must set the Page Scaling menu in the print dialog box to None. If there is an option called “Fit to Page” ensure it is not selected.

Print a copy of these instructions so you can refer to them when printing out and using each of the size guides. Then close this window to return the website.

How to ensure that you print a size guide at 100% (Actual size)

  1. Scroll down the page which describes your selected clip-on shape and click the link called: Download the size guide (PDF)
  2. When the PDF window appears, click the Print icon.
  3. When the Print dialog box appears, check that Actual size” is selected. On some browsers, the PDF print window looks a bit different and you will need to turn OFF “Fit to page” or “Page Scaling” instead.
  4. Now click the Print button to print the size guide at 100%.

Overlay your glasses onto the size guide outlines

When you have printed out a Size Guide, lay your glasses face down onto the outlines of the clip on sunglasses and select whichever size is the closest match.

How the polarized clip on sunglasses attach to your glasses

This type of clip-on sunglasses is held in place by the tension from the spring-bridge and four small, plastic coated clips, two on either side of each lens.

The clips will fit over glasses with metal, plastic, or rimless frames with lenses up to 5 mm thick at the edges.

When choosing the shape and size of clip-ons to order, it is important to ensure you print out and check that the position of these clips as shown on the size guides will overlap your spectacle frames, otherwise the sunglasses will not be held securely.

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Polarized clip on sunglasses - How to Measure

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