Fitovers™ Sunglass Fashions for Fall 2014

Oct 21, 2014

The fall season is finally upon us and we are so excited! This season is great for tons of reasons like Halloween, Thanksgiving, pumpkin flavored…everything, scary movies, changing leaves, hot drinks, and …FASHION. The sweaters, scarves, and boots are on their way out of our wardrobes and into the world.

If you’re an avid wearer, or a new buyer, of the Original Fitovers™ Sunglasses by Jonathan Paul Eyewear™ you may want the details on what’s IN this season. Look no further – with over 150 unisex styles to choose from, there’s a fall fashion frame for everyone! Not only do our frames compliment the current fall trends in style and color, they also inspire fall fashion trends. With colors like Purple Haze, Purple Rain, Claret Tortoise, Leopard Black, Calico, and Olive Charcoal, its easy to find warm fall colors in every size at Fitovers Eyewear™ so, go ahead and get trendy this season – we’ve got you covered.

PLUM – violets, plums, purples, etc.

To match your fall season plums, violets, and purples, check out the Aurora™ Purple Haze (with Swarovski® Elements), Binya™ Purple Zebra, Kiata™ Purple Rain (a great match for a plum lipstick), Element™ Purple Haze (with Swarovski® Elements), and Mooya™ Mother Pearl. New in 2014 is also a whole Purple Mirror Lens collection which would compliment the purple and violet fashions nicely.

BN002PM - Binya Purple Zebra Purple Mirror - Purple Zebra with PURPLE MIRROR_1 (3)JT004s - Jett Purple Haze - Female3_Jett_JT004_Purple_Haze_up

WARM – brown, beige, chocolate, latte, etc.

To match your warm autumn browns and lattes, Fitovers™ has the Aurora™ and Euroka™ in Brown Marble, Glides™ in Brushed Horn, Ikara™ and Dahlia™ in Tiger Eye, and the Aria™, Navigator™, and Element™ in Tortoiseshell with Amber Lenses (some styles also available in Yellow or Roadster lens). For a more chic, formal, and serious style, the Torana™ Amber Sky, Neera™ Leopard Black, and Yamba™ Dark Tortoiseshell are excellent choices. Also check out the Amber Lens Collection and the new in 2014 Gold Mirror Lens collection for more unique looks. There are even styles for the animal print lovers. JP Fitovers™ has cheetah print fitover sunglasses in the Queeda™, Sabre™, Orion™, and Quamby™ styles. Go warm this season with a large variety of options from Jonathan Paul® Fitovers Eyewear™.

IK003-Ikara-Tiger-Eye-IMG_2650-625x1024 G006-Glides-Brushed-Horn-IMG_7943-e1413493852274-619x1024


BOLD – deep reds, apricot, claret, red wine, coral, etc.

 So you want to go bold this autumn? You should. To compliment your statement pieces, the original Fitovers Eyewear™ has the Aurora™ and Element™ in a rich Claret red with Swarovski® crystal accents, the Queeda™ and Quamby™ styles in a deep and unique Claret Tortoise, and the Sabre™ in a vibrant and fun Calico with orange and blue accent colors. For your bold, colorful looks this season, shop Fitovers™ and don’t forget to browse the NEW Mirror Lens Collection for that extra POP!

QS004-Queeda-Claret-Tortoise-IMG_1018-682x1024 SB002-Sabre-Calico-IMG_3247-682x1024 QS004-Queeda-Claret-Tortoise-QS004-IMG_2253-1024x682

COLD – aluminum, grey, silver, metals, etc.

 To match your less colorful looks this fall, check out the Euroka™ and Razor™ in Gun Metal and the Torana™ Dark Charcoal. If you’re going dark this season, stay matte or patterned within our wide variety of black frames. In the matte black color, JP Fitovers™ have designed 6 styles to choose from: Aviator™, Element™, Jett™Lotus™, Navigator™, and Razor™. Another great look for the darker shades is the Jett™ Black Fade with Roadster Lenses, which incorporates a glossier black fading into rich brown. As for patterns, seek out the Dahlia™ Black Cheetah, Mooya™ Black Wind, and the Yamba™ Blue Marble (which is closer to a dark grey shade, rather than blue

TR002-Torana-Dark-Charcoal-IMG_7535-682x1024  EU002-Euroka-Gun-Metal-_DSC0669-682x1024


CYPRESS – deep greens, olive, moss, charcoal, etc.

For a warm approach to fashion with neutral tones, check out the Torana™ Dark Charcoal and Navigator™ Olive Crystal. Inspired by earth tones, these frames are all unisex and great for fall fashions. JP Fitovers™ has also created 5 styles in Olive Charcoal, a hybrid color based on these cypress tones: Choopa™ Kid’s Fitovers, Coolaroo™ Teens and Petites Fitovers, the Jett™, Kiata™, and Razor™ – all great for outdoor activities and sports.

RZ003-Razor-Olive-Charcoal-IMG_0302-1024x682 RZ003-Razor-Olive-Charcoal-IMG_7176-e1413495182203-733x1024


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