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Thanks for shopping with us and visiting our resource center! At VS Eyewear Resource Center, we believe that one of the most important rules of running a business is to inform you, the customer, so you can make intelligent choices that will completely satisfy your needs. For this reason, we make custom information that address a wide variety of optical topics ranging from How to Find Your Pupil distance to Different Lens Options.

With our extensive knowledge in the eye industry and personal relationships with our customers, this information has been hand-selected and edited to accommodate your thirst for knowledge.

So please browse the VS Eyewear Resource Center and check it out as many times as you like. If you have any thoughts or comments, we are always open to suggestions. And if you have any further questions about Prescription glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, and other eyewear after looking at the information, please contact one of our online specialists: they are the best in the business.


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