Flat Top 35 Bifocal Glass Lenses


VS Eyewear is the leader in safety and vision with its range of Flat Top 35 Bifocal Glass Lenses.  These glass lenses were engineered with excellence in mind. They are designed to meet the needs of professionals in various industries. Our collection offers 7 x 35 bifocal lined glass lenses.  You can choose from clear or purchase with Photogray Extra and Photobrown Extra transition lenses.




A Flat Top 35 (FT-35) bifocal is the most commonly used type of lined bifocal. The “Flat Top” refers to the shape of the near vision segment, which is flat across the top, and “35” indicates the width of the Horizontal line of the bifocal measurement in millimeters.
In the Flat Top 35 Bifocal Glass Lenses, the upper portion of the lens corrects your distance vision. The lower part, or bifocal section, contains the reading section or near vision segment, a horizontal rectangular area with a flat top edge. The reading segment is often positioned slightly below the center of the lens.

When wearers look through the upper portion of the lens, they can focus on objects in the distance. Wearers then can look down and use the near vision segment to read or perform close-up tasks. It offers a clear separation between distance and near vision, making it easy for wearers to identify and use the right part of the lens for their desired focus. However, the visible line can be noticeable to others when looking at the wearer’s glasses.

Unsurpassed Clarity and Focus : Lined Trifocal glass lenses are designed to provide unmatched clarity and focus from all distances. Our commitment to precision is evident in the 7 x 28 trifocal lined design. These lenses are perfect for working up close on complex tasks or looking at distant objects with crystal clarity.

  • Glass lenses offer exceptional optical clarity. They are also scratch resistant. Glass is a great choice if you need the highest degree of visual clarity.

Tints to suit your needs: Your workplace and preferences will determine the tint that you require. VS Eyewear offers a few tint options to suit your needs for Trifocal Glasses.

  • Clear: For crystal clear vision under standard lighting conditions.
  • Transition: Adaptive lens that automatically changes tint depending on the lighting conditions. From clear indoors, to tinted outdoor.

 Why choose VS Eyewear Flat Top 35 glass lenses

  • Customized Precision : Our FT-35 glass lenses are custom-made to meet your prescription needs, so that your vision will always be at its best.
  • Cost-Effective : Buy a single set of FT-35 Bifocal Glasses to meet all your vision needs. This will save you money when compared with buying multiple pairs.

VS Eyewear is committed to providing clear vision without compromising safety. You’re not only investing in eyewear, but also in protection, precision and peace of mind, when you choose our Trifocal Glasses. Our Trifocal glass lenses are the perfect companion for anyone who works in an environment who needs to see clearly at all times.

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