Fitover Radiation Glasses

Our collection of Fitover Radiation Glasses offer a terrific mix of durability and style. If you are searching for radiation safety glasses, and wear prescription glasses, then theses fitovers will be perfect for you.  We carry a large selection of fit-over sizes for all face shapes.

Each pair of fitover radiation glasses is designed with quality in mind. You will immediately notice that each pair contains our standard 0.75 millimeter lead equivalency Schott SF6 radiation safety glass lenses. This can give you the confidence that your eyes will be sufficiently protected when you are potentially exposed to radiation.

These fitover radiation glasses are also extremely comfortable. They contain fully-adjustable temple bars and telescoping, allowing you to find the perfect fit. These models also contain a large lens design so that you can see extremely clearly in the most challenging moments. Finally, these glasses come in black, white, silver, and tortoise colors.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions about this collection. Ultimately, we are confident that you will find your next great pair of fitover radiation glasses.

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