Barriers and Shields

At VS Eyewear, we are proud of our line of radiation protection shields and barriers. These radiation barriers are a great choice if you work at a hospital or generally work in the field of pain management.

Our collection of medical radiation protection barriers provide opaque panels of solid, leaded x-ray protection, which can significantly reduce the dangers of medical procedures that involve radiation. These barriers contain the equivalent of 2.0-millimeter lead, giving you the confidence that you are sufficiently protected. Instead of worrying about whether you are being exposed to dangerous levels of radiation, you can focus on doing your best work for your patients.Our radiation mobile barriers also contain large, fully-protective windows, which can give you a perfect line of sight when completing your work. And lest we forget, these radiation mobile barriers easily travel on four-caster locking base steel legs.

If you are looking for radiation mobile barriers that are functional and durable, we highly encourage you to review our collection. As always, if you have any questions about our products, feel free to reach out

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