Cateye Reading Glasses

At VS Eyewear, we offer numerous styles of magnification reading glasses for sale to assist with providing accurate and efficient viewing.  One of our most popular style is the Cateye Reading Glasses.

We feature a large selection of bifocal, safety, and standard reading eyewear in a variety of magnification strengths. We also offer a broad range of high power reading glasses and a full variety of reading glasses with real glass lenses. At home or a work, our array of magnification options will serve to bring the world a little bit closer.

You can find the perfect reading glasses to improve your reading abilities or just to get rid of the headaches caused by reading. You can choose from a variety of styles, including folding and spring-hinged models.

Non-prescription reading glasses typically come in generic strengths. These are not always the best for everyone. If you have been reading for a while, and feel tired or straining your eyes, it is advisable to consult your eye doctor.

Reading glasses can also be beneficial. Reading glasses can reduce eye strain, fatigue, and improve near vision. Reading glasses can help you focus on your work and make it more productive. It is also easier to read small print on a computer. This is especially useful for people with presbyopia (a medical term that refers to the difficulty of seeing closeup)

The Foster Grant diopter chart is a great resource for finding the best reading glasses. This chart measures the strengths of different types of reading glasses. A diopter measures the magnification power of a lens. The higher the diopter the greater the magnification.

Reading Glasses Strength: How to Find the Right Readers For You

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