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Shield Your Eyes on the Go with Visionaries Clip Ons

The health of your eyes is important. Don’t get caught staring at the sun like some kind of fool; put on some sunglasses. It’s that simple, right?

For many, sure. However, if you need to wear prescription lenses to see things, you’ve probably run up against the problem of how you’re going to do that while also using sunglasses. Wearing them over your normal glasses looks and feels pretty strange and is often not that effective. Getting prescription sunglasses is one option but could be expensive or simply a pain when having to switch back and forth. What’s there to do in situations like these?

Finally, there’s a good compromise between being able to see and being able to exist in bright areas. Clip on sunglasses from Visionaries provide relief in your time of need, shielding your eyes without compromising on your vision.

Visionaries are simple to use and easy to apply. Using a spring-attached bridge, these polarized lenses clip on to the outsides of your regular eyeglasses, sitting snuggling and shielding your field of view from harsh light. Blocking out 100% of UV light up to 400nm, you’ll be able to go outside without having to constantly squint or shield yourself from the harsh sun.

Visionaries are also easy to carry, being much smaller than a normal pair of sunglasses and fitting into your pocket with ease. They’re also available in a ton of different styles and lens colors, meaning you won’t need to compromise on your looks just to be able to see well.

When you’re in need of sunglasses without the entire “glasses” part, your first and best option from now on will be Visionaries polarized clip on lenses. To learn more about Visionaries, get in contact with VS Eyewear today. We can answer all your questions about these and many other eyewear options quickly and thoroughly.

 Protect Your Eyes with Convenience and Power Using Visionaries

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