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Catch More Fish With A Pair Of Costa Sunglasses

Every good fisherman knows the importance of having reliable vision in order to spot the big catch.

In fact, your eyes are your biggest asset and proper protective eyewear on the lake can make the difference between having a successful day on the lake and coming up short. Enhance your chances of a better outcome with a pair of Costa Sunglasses. 

Why Choose Costa Sunglasses?

The harmful rays of the sun can be detrimental to your eyes when not properly protected. Costa Sunglasses’ patented 580 lens technology restricts the harmful sunlight while allowing the beneficial rays to shine through. Costa Sunglasses are guaranteed to provide comfort by eliminating glare while also reduce eye strain and squinting. Specializing in mirrored lenses, you are sure to get the best quality of sunglasses on the market.

What Are Mirrored Sunglasses?

Mirrored sunglasses have a protective coating on the outside that resembles small mirrors. These sunglasses reflect light opposed to absorbing it, offering a brighter vision to the wearer. This is especially helpful when fishing by providing you with a better view and less eye strain. Mirrored glasses are extremely durable, scratch resistant and a preferred choice for those with light sensitivity,

Are There Different Colors To Choose From?

Yes. Costa Sunglasses were created with the changing light conditions in mind. Seven lens colors are offered in both glass and high-quality plastic technologies. Choose the best option that is suitable for your needs.

  • Bright Light- Gray or Blue mirror lens. These polarized lenses work best to reflect intense sunlight and help eliminate blazing glare.
  • Moderate Light- Copper, Amber or Green mirror lenses. For the light that is constantly changing throughout the day, these lenses ensure a higher contrast. These are also great for everyday activities.
  • Low Light- Silver mirror lens. Perfect for sunrises and sunsets, these lenses allow an adequate amount of sun to shine through while still providing the necessary protection your eyes need.

Fisherman Approved.

Costas Sunglasses were designed by fisherman to help them have a better view in order to catch more fish. Much time and effort have gone into the work of crafting the right pair of sunglasses catering to fisherman across the globe. Created using the Bio-Resin Raw Material Process, the carbon footprint is reduced resulting in a more eco-friendly environment. Shop for your pair Costa Sunglasses today.

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