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4 Activities that Call for Prescription Safety Glasses

You already know that safety glasses are a must in certain situations.

What you may not realize is that ordinary safety glasses are not always appropriate. Traditional ones do not always allow for visual acuity, so you will need a prescription pair if you do any of these activities.

#1. Contact Sports

When playing contact sports, it isn’t really practical to strap on another pair of glasses over top of your own. Wearing two pairs of glasses is awkward and uncomfortable and might therefore hamper your performance. In addition, a pair of prescription glasses allow won’t impair your peripheral vision like a set of regular safety glasses would.

#2. Doing Yard Work

Of course you will want to protect your eyes from flying debris when using lawn equipment. While traditional safety glasses do provide protection, they fog up easily and tend to develop scratches over time. In turn, you might not be aware of holes or other tripping hazards.

#3. Woodworking or Home Improvement Projects

Woodworking and home improvement projects can require you to measure, cut, and trim with precise accuracy. What better way to do that than with a pair of prescription safety glasses? When you can see exactly what you are doing not only will your project turn out better, but you will also have fewer do-overs.

#4. Mechanical Work

As with home improvement projects, mechanical jobs require precision. In some cases, you could be working in tight areas with very little light. Prescription safety glasses do not get in the way whenever it is time to get up close. In addition, their lens design will also afford you more natural light.

These are just a few instances in which you could need prescription safety glasses. To see the variety of stylish prescription frames available, please contact us.

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