Mobile Lead Barrier, LB-3036





The Phillips Opaque Mobile Leaded Barrier with 30” x 36” Window is a portable, full-body radiation barrier designed to protect against secondary radiation.


  • 2.0mm lead equivalent opaque panels of solid, leaded x-ray protection with contoured sides
  • Window material choice of:
    • 2.0mm lead equivalent high quality Schott leaded glass
    • 0.50mm lead equivalent leaded acrylic
Overall size:  75 (h) x 33.5 in (w)
Window pane  36 (h) x 30 in (w)
Opaque panel :  22 (h) x 30 in (w)
Shipping weight approx:  225 lb

Travels easily on a four caster locking base steel legs.

It is recommended that two people move the barrier together at all times. 

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