Rec Specs Liberty Optical

Rec Specs Liberty Optical glasses are some of the best protective sports eyewear on the market today. By purchasing these glasses, you can be confident that your eyes are being protected—regardless of the sports that you love. In fact, Rec Specs Liberty Optical glasses are the first protective sports eyewear to receive the American Optometric Association’s seal of acceptance. Along with this, these glasses meet or exceed ASTM F803 resistance standards, meaning that you can wear these glasses knowing that you will be protected when you are out on the field.


Rec Specs Liberty Optical glasses are also extremely comfortable. The temples and bridges of these glasses contain soft inside padding for comfort and fit. These glasses have a unisex shape sizing and allow for youth fitting. If they still don’t feel comfortable, you can take advantage of an adjustable strap. The ultimate point is that Rec Specs Liberty Optical glasses can be extremely comfortable—even when you are in the middle of playing your favorite sport.

At Rx-Safety, we contain several different Rec Specs Liberty Optical glasses, including Maxx 20 glasses, Maxx 30 glasses, Maxx 31 glasses, and Maxx 20 baseball glasses. Whether you are a dedicated baseball player, basketball player, or are passionate about a different sport, you may want to take advantage of Rec specs Liberty Optical glasses.

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