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At VS Eyewear, we are constantly on the lookout for safety frames and glasses that stand out from the crowd. We look to get great frames, including the Securo Vision Safety Glasses that also protect our customers while they work on the job, on the field, or in any environment. Our goal is to sell frames that provide maximum protection for our customers.

With Securo Vision, we have found just that with their manufacturer’s line of protective sunglasses. Our dedicated team at VS Eyewear has found that Securo Vision glasses are some of the most protective sunglasses on the market today. Read on to learn about our complete collection of Securo Vision safety glasses for men and women!

Also, at VS Eyewear, we have a commitment to thoroughly research the brands we carry for our customers. Therefore, we take pride in the safety features and quality that Securo Vision glasses provide to our customers. In fact, Securo Vision offers optical solutions to protect workers’ eyes in their day-to-day life by providing protective glasses tailored to all trades. They take pride that they are specialists in products and services designed to meet industry needs. Securo Vision has years of experience being a company that outfits workers from all segments in the bet protection for their eyes. Also, Securo Vision manufactures glasses that adhere to industry standard safety certifications.

Additionally, Securo Vision offers a wide range of safety glasses with or without prescription. This allows customers to choose their favorite pair, and then have their prescription added on the VS Eyewear website. Also, we are proud to stock Securo Vision safety goggles, as well as a wide range of accessories and cleaning products for your glasses. Securo Vision is a part of the largest group of optometrists in Canada. This means that Securo Vision has significant benefits and assets that help all of our customers that choose to purchase their glasses. They pride themselves in their ability to have access to superior quality products and a collective purchasing power over them.

Thankfully, this gives Securo Vision a competitive advantage from which our VS Eyewear customers will benefit directly. In fact, other benefits include a wide range of comfortable, high-performance safety glasses that combine style and protection. Additionally, the team at Securo Vision has developed an innovative lens technology and coatings for clarity and precision. Our VS Eyewear customers can customize their Securo Vision glasses wide a wide variety of these fun features and coatings. We are proud to carry Securo Vision as well, due to the good that they do. Securo Vision also hosts a program accredited by Emploi-Québec to raise awareness and prevent the risk of eye injuries amongst workers.

Our team at VS Eyewear can help you choose the appropriate Securo Vision safety glasses to protect your employees’ eyes and reduce eye injuries. In fact, your Securo Vision safety glasses include CSA approved frames with protective side shields, plastic lenses with a scratch-resistant coating and a protective case. Combined with our prescription addition services, and lens coatings, our customers can combine their Securo Vision glasses with top quality safety and fashionable style. Continue on below to check out the whole Securo Vision line!

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