The Corporate Prescription Safety Glasses Plan by

Providing prescription safety glasses for your employees can be challenging at times. That’s why Rx-Safety has come up with the SEE-IT / TRY-IT / BUY-IT program for our corporate customer. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to offer high-quality prescription safety glasses for your employees. We will customize a free sample frames kit to be as basic or as complex as you would like. Rx-Safety prides itself on our very simple 4-step process. First, contact a sales associate at 855 464-8118 or [email protected] and pick out the frames that best fit your working environment and employees. Next, we will ship you our sample frame kit for free, so your employees can choose the frames that are right for them. Third, we will provide you all the information and support needed for you to send us your order back via email. Lastly, we will ship you your custom prescription glasses for your employees. And as long as you’re a customer, you can keep your sample kit and use it for new employees or replacement glasses for existing employees!